Wow. It happened so quickly :)

On Saturday we went to the annual school concert. Emily was dressed up as Shakira for her Waka Waka dance routine which was to close out the teacher’s 2019 production of The Greatest Showman.

I knew it was coming, as I knew her solo line “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” Delivered to the audience over the mic. I was beaming. I was so proud and that lump in the throat expanding quickly when all of a sudden that harsh reality hit home.

The reason a child’s first day in grade 1 is so widely celebrated is because a child’s life can be categorized into 3 parts. Before primary school, primary school and then high school, possibly varsity. This chapter, of Emily’s life, is closing out. Primary school starts in January 2020, and I’m as petrified as I am excited for her. But I’m actually more worried about me 😂 I don’t wanna let go, I want to stop the clock and hold on to my baby girl but she won’t stop growing up. She’s funnier, taller and more interesting from one day to the next. But my prawny, is growing up ❤️

I’m so grateful for every day so far. I can’t wait to see what happens in primary school and how we deal with our preparations for high school and adolescence. I can’t wait. Such an amazing, spirited little human. Thank you for every day kiddo 🌻❤️

Also, massive shoutout to one of the moms in our complex for braiding Em’s hair at 07:30am on a Saturday 🙌🏼🎉🙌🏼🎉🙌🏼

Money, honey :)

Em, like most kids, wants a toy or ice cream every single time we walk into a shop. Any shop. I also learned that she has learned that money has no value. It comes from an ATM or you swipe a card. Easy.

So I asked her what’s the best toy she wants. And she replied “An LOL Doll!”. These dolls cost R300, so I helped her draw up a savings chart in 30 X R10 blocks.

She helps me every day with;

1. Dress herself AM & PM
2. Eats her breakfast
3. Feeds Chewy AM & PM
4. Baths herself & brushes her teeth
5. Eats her dinner

If she does this she gets R10 before we read a story and go to bed.

Em has been saving in R10 increments over the last 2 months. She’s on the vurge of reaching her R300 target. I am going to put in R100 bonus for her when she does, before she chooses the toy she wants to buy.

Also, instead of buying sweets or toys whenever we’re at the mall or the shop she gets R5 or R10 depending what I have. So instead of a kinderjoy or a chocolate there’s money going in the jar.

We haven’t bought a toy in months 😅 But on Saturday we’ll get something worthwhile. And I think she’s got a slightly better understanding of the value of money.

Also, she told me last night she doesn’t want an LOL Doll, she wants to buy something “more special”.

Updates soonest 🙂

Bright Young Cheftacular!

Guys, I love Bright Young Chefs. Emily and I have created a bit of a tradition looking for cool stuff to do on weekends. I don’t imagine this is unique to our family, so as I’m sure you’ve also discovered, once you get into it, there are real gems. As with most experiences, some are free, some are well priced, some are far and some change.

Wonder-jols like the Kloofendal Nature Reserve, which is free and 15 minutes from where we live, remain a permanent fixture on our list of things to do. The views are insane, the wildlife, on a lucky day, is a treat and of course it’s where Emily taught me, a 34 year old adult, that Pluto is in fact not a planet.


As a lover of the film, I made Emily go to the cinema from a young age. Whether she loved going to the movies or getting popcorn and a slush puppy or she enjoyed it just because I enjoyed it, I’m not entirely certain. Unfortunately we’ve not gone to the movies for a while because it’s just getting past the price point that I find reasonable. When I explain to Em what her options are that we could afford to do for the same amount she rarely opts for it.

ANYWAY!!! My mom calls me, tells me about this place called “Bright Young Chefs”. “They have an Easter cupcakes workshop on a Saturday morning” is the watsapp message she sends me with a link to their Facebook page. It’s a 2hour workshop and it costs R150. Em is totally stoked but I have little idea of what to expect.

Saturday morning arrives and we drive through to one of the quiet streets in Fairlands, which as some of you know, is one of my favourite suburbs in JHB. And let’s start with my tick list. Payment ease? Quicket – what a breeze. Ample parking? Yes, tons of it. Warm welcome? Absolutely. Everyone is welcomed and the party begins.


What a set up! Every ingredient, every step of the recipe, every possible tool you could think of, perfectly set up and explained to the kids. I honestly don’t know how I haven’t heard about this yet, was all I kept thinking. It’s so perfect for the littles. The hats and aprons, getting your hands dirty, making a mess but following careful steps to create a little baked masterpiece. what a jol. What a carefully thought out and equipped experience. I am in love. And Emily is soaking it up.

Emily LOVES going to Bright Young Chefs. LIKE LOVES. This is brilliant. Please check it out.


That said I have a minor gripe for some parents.

I know we all have our own styles of parenting and I’m certainly not here to tell anyone how to raise their own littles, but want to remind people to make cognitive decisions about their instinct to “help”.

Despite there being a seated, viewing area with fruit juice, tea and coffee 5 metres from the work stations there were 15 parents INSIDE the kid’s working space at any time. Crammed. With all the parents hovering over their kids, they couldn’t help themselves at each child’s first moment of doubt, to take over and get things done properly before handing back over to the kiddo.

“Don’t mess” and “That’s too much flour” from every direction. That’s also when the phones come out. 15 photographers capturing every little move. But guys, to the point of “SMILE! YOU’RE NOT SMILING FOR THE CAMERA!”.

This wonderful experience for the children is jeopardised by the adults. I promise you, the experience for the littles if the parents weren’t in there would be so much more enjoyable for them. But the real principle for me is that we need to be less precious about letting a 6 year old mess up baking a cupcake. You know why your kid can’t brush their own teeth? Because you haven’t stopped brushing them for him/her.

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 09.27.13

Anyway, rant done, this is really up top when it comes to value-for-money experiences for kids in Johannesburg. We’re going back tomorrow morning to learn how to make butter chicken… Yes, it’s because I love butter chicken so damn much. But also because Emily keeps asking when we’re going back 🙂

See you there 🙂

Great choices :)

I’m gonna have a little gloat now. As you’re all aware, it’s school holidays. Traffic is somewhat less congested albeit choked by traffic lights being on the blink as a result of the load being shed.

Yesterday I couldn’t open my garage and manual was sketchy. I didn’t hassle too much because WE LIVE 1KM from school. So we just walked 🙂

Just a regular Monday

In case any of you were wondering what co-parenting is like, I received this watsapp from Thailand yesterday, “You’ve got this, right?” – side note, Em’s mom is attending a close friend’s wedding there.

I, in fact, did not have this and that message saved the day. So I was ready to leave at 16:00 to pick up Em when my boss and the CEO walk up to my desk to have an impromptu brand theory discussion. Knowledge gained, I fly off to school at 16:15.

Too late to get Chewy first, I get Em and then the dog. Then to CNA to get stuff to COVER HER SCHOOL BOOK.


Took a huge risk and took Em to Simply Asia to get some take-aways. Guys. This 6 year old now has a number at Simply Asia.

Nom Nom Nom – 711

I want to add something here quickly. I realized we have a series of good and bad habits around dinner time since writing the woolies kiddy meal bit. And highlighted last night was the fact that we eat at the dinner table and have great conversations about The BFG (he featured in the book we’re reading before bed – Danny The Champion of the World), why our dining room table is round and why chewy can’t eat at the table. But. We also burp openly and laugh hysterically. It’s just a thing we do. Sorry not sorry 😂

Homework 😲

Anyway. To answer the opening question. I watsapped the “Emily” group, consisting of her 2 grannies, her mom and I, and we celebrated A. This little human but ALSO B. Ourselves for raising such a lekker one.

Last thing. Buy an Instax, I can’t tell you how many times it has saved my butt as a school project parent already

Theme this week is “My House” and we needed a pic of our house. Yes.

Cookie Monster

Em: “Dad can we bake cookies?”

Me: “… Um… Yes..”

So I totally Googled how to do this, then went and bought pre-made cookie mix. It was REALLY EASY TO DO, even for a 6 year old.

She smooooshed the butter. She added the cookie mix. She smooooshed them together and viola, cookie dough.

Divide into 20 equal thingies. Make shapes. Put in tray. Bake at 180c for 20 minutes

Bake. Eat.

They’re not very sweet. Any advice? I think we’re going to try a cake next, tips welcome.

Can we discuss Woolies kiddy meals for a minute?

So our family of 3 is quite a thing. Mornings are a mish mash of Me waking up the kid, waking up the dog, feeding the kid, feeding the dog, showering myself, dressing myself, dressing the kid, dropping the kid at school, dropping the dog at Doggy Daycare and then making my way to the office. The kid’s name is Emily aka “Memmy” and the Dog’s name is Princess Chewbacca Jacobie, also known as Chewy. Pet name.

Dad Guy, Kiddo & Doggo

I knock off at 4pm, shoot to doggy daycare, fly to school and then we get home. Feed the doggo, feed the kiddo, have the funs, bath the kiddo, everyone sleeps. The point of this post is around the mild guilt I have around dinner. I don’t cook. In an effort to maximize aforementioned “have the funs” time, I buy Em 5 Kiddy meals from Woolies for the price of 4. It works out to around R30 a meal. It also works out to about 2 minutes preparation time. This moves the funs from around 60 minutes to around 90 minutes.


Funs range from garden shenanigans, complex kids hooliganism, drawing and colouring, Teen Titans Going, doll fashion show, you get the idea.

We do bathing (Chewy) partakes only as a spectator. We read some books. We sleep.

Is this nutritional choice potentially bad for my kid? I mean, it’s basically starch meat and veg. Her daily diet is supplemented by yoghurt, fruit and nuts. And she seems happy. Can I shake the guilt?

Growing Too Fast

I guess we could also consider turning cooking dinner into part of having the funs. What do you do to make time during your weekdays? Hi5s.

Dad Things!!! Because Kids!!!

So M-Net Movies has parents covered this holiday season! A dedicated animation channel, fun competitions and countrywide activations to keep your days full of fun and rad movies.

Frozen, Toy Story 1-3, Big Hero 6, Planes, Despicable Me… we can do this all day! The point is that for adults aged 0 – 93 there is a ton of cool stuff on channel 105.


Go straight to MNET.TV NOW to enter to win tickets to THE GOOD DINOSAUR and be like pretty much FIRST IN THE WORLD to see it. Winners get 4 tickets to the premiere and access to colouring stations, green screen photo opportunities and face painting before the movie. GO GO GO!!!

The Animania festival kicks off with every kid’s favourite princesses – and snowman – with Frozen on Sunday at 19:00. The Animania festival runs from 4 December – 12 January.

And don’t forget to enter the Animania Dubsmash competition using #MMAnimania and you could stand a chance to win one of 40 R1000 vouchers (That’s 1 a day everyday of the festival). This week’s theme is “Frozen”, so why not find an appropriate clip and give your lip-syncing skills a go?

So huge movies on channel, Takealot vouchers to buy christmas presents and a movie premiere outing for the family… M-Net Movies has you covered!

Day 1. Nothing.

Hi 🙂

So some of my friends cycled the cradle yesterday. Others ran the Soweto marathon. I even saw posts from the 5150. But me, I did nothing. My daughter and i watched “The Land Before Time”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 10.36.45 AM

Sometimes you can’t train. Not putting pressure on myself or feeling any guilt. Today i’ll start my pursuit of the 150km for growvember, having not run since 4 August’s Durban 70.3.


I’m hoping to put in a sub 30 5km. That’s how chilled I’m feeling 🙂