Money, honey :)

Em, like most kids, wants a toy or ice cream every single time we walk into a shop. Any shop. I also learned that she has learned that money has no value. It comes from an ATM or you swipe a card. Easy.

So I asked her what’s the best toy she wants. And she replied “An LOL Doll!”. These dolls cost R300, so I helped her draw up a savings chart in 30 X R10 blocks.

She helps me every day with;

1. Dress herself AM & PM
2. Eats her breakfast
3. Feeds Chewy AM & PM
4. Baths herself & brushes her teeth
5. Eats her dinner

If she does this she gets R10 before we read a story and go to bed.

Em has been saving in R10 increments over the last 2 months. She’s on the vurge of reaching her R300 target. I am going to put in R100 bonus for her when she does, before she chooses the toy she wants to buy.

Also, instead of buying sweets or toys whenever we’re at the mall or the shop she gets R5 or R10 depending what I have. So instead of a kinderjoy or a chocolate there’s money going in the jar.

We haven’t bought a toy in months 😅 But on Saturday we’ll get something worthwhile. And I think she’s got a slightly better understanding of the value of money.

Also, she told me last night she doesn’t want an LOL Doll, she wants to buy something “more special”.

Updates soonest 🙂

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