Just a regular Monday

In case any of you were wondering what co-parenting is like, I received this watsapp from Thailand yesterday, “You’ve got this, right?” – side note, Em’s mom is attending a close friend’s wedding there.

I, in fact, did not have this and that message saved the day. So I was ready to leave at 16:00 to pick up Em when my boss and the CEO walk up to my desk to have an impromptu brand theory discussion. Knowledge gained, I fly off to school at 16:15.

Too late to get Chewy first, I get Em and then the dog. Then to CNA to get stuff to COVER HER SCHOOL BOOK.


Took a huge risk and took Em to Simply Asia to get some take-aways. Guys. This 6 year old now has a number at Simply Asia.

Nom Nom Nom – 711

I want to add something here quickly. I realized we have a series of good and bad habits around dinner time since writing the woolies kiddy meal bit. And highlighted last night was the fact that we eat at the dinner table and have great conversations about The BFG (he featured in the book we’re reading before bed – Danny The Champion of the World), why our dining room table is round and why chewy can’t eat at the table. But. We also burp openly and laugh hysterically. It’s just a thing we do. Sorry not sorry 😂

Homework 😲

Anyway. To answer the opening question. I watsapped the “Emily” group, consisting of her 2 grannies, her mom and I, and we celebrated A. This little human but ALSO B. Ourselves for raising such a lekker one.

Last thing. Buy an Instax, I can’t tell you how many times it has saved my butt as a school project parent already

Theme this week is “My House” and we needed a pic of our house. Yes.

Cookie Monster

Em: “Dad can we bake cookies?”

Me: “… Um… Yes..”

So I totally Googled how to do this, then went and bought pre-made cookie mix. It was REALLY EASY TO DO, even for a 6 year old.

She smooooshed the butter. She added the cookie mix. She smooooshed them together and viola, cookie dough.

Divide into 20 equal thingies. Make shapes. Put in tray. Bake at 180c for 20 minutes

Bake. Eat.

They’re not very sweet. Any advice? I think we’re going to try a cake next, tips welcome.