Can we discuss Woolies kiddy meals for a minute?

So our family of 3 is quite a thing. Mornings are a mish mash of Me waking up the kid, waking up the dog, feeding the kid, feeding the dog, showering myself, dressing myself, dressing the kid, dropping the kid at school, dropping the dog at Doggy Daycare and then making my way to the office. The kid’s name is Emily aka “Memmy” and the Dog’s name is Princess Chewbacca Jacobie, also known as Chewy. Pet name.

Dad Guy, Kiddo & Doggo

I knock off at 4pm, shoot to doggy daycare, fly to school and then we get home. Feed the doggo, feed the kiddo, have the funs, bath the kiddo, everyone sleeps. The point of this post is around the mild guilt I have around dinner. I don’t cook. In an effort to maximize aforementioned “have the funs” time, I buy Em 5 Kiddy meals from Woolies for the price of 4. It works out to around R30 a meal. It also works out to about 2 minutes preparation time. This moves the funs from around 60 minutes to around 90 minutes.


Funs range from garden shenanigans, complex kids hooliganism, drawing and colouring, Teen Titans Going, doll fashion show, you get the idea.

We do bathing (Chewy) partakes only as a spectator. We read some books. We sleep.

Is this nutritional choice potentially bad for my kid? I mean, it’s basically starch meat and veg. Her daily diet is supplemented by yoghurt, fruit and nuts. And she seems happy. Can I shake the guilt?

Growing Too Fast

I guess we could also consider turning cooking dinner into part of having the funs. What do you do to make time during your weekdays? Hi5s.