Ladies & Gentleman 30 Days to go!!!

Do you know what your tjommie is? It’s the bit between your hmmm & your shim shim… The bit more commonly known as a “perineum” or “gooch”. If you don’t know but would like to know then please join me on Sunday for a 130km cycle which will leave you with the exact knowledge of where this part of your anatomy is.


Starting at 06:00am from my mother’s house (baby sitting Emily) in Allen’s Nek we’ll ride to KLoofzichtand then loop the cradle via the caves and then back around and out via Makiti Wedding venue passed Cradlestone Mall and back down Hendrik Potgieter to my mom near Clearwater Mall. 130km. Actually Like 131km.

Goal? To eat well, finish with the fuel to keep going and basically just spend 5 hours on the bike. It’s like JHB – Witbank. Let’s Go, See you there.



DIY Triathlon! It Was Great :) 32 Days To Go!

I got up at 04:30am on Sunday, which was entirely shit. I mumbled to Cindy about how we should have started at 06:30. Remember that 😉 We got into my car and made my way to Emmarentia dam. Arrived at 06:00 to realise the sun was not yet properly up but feeling excited I hopped in the water for a 1.2km loop.

The water was so clean courtesy of the heavy rain the night before and as i flapped through the water i realised a flock of sparrows were flying just above me – i was disturbing the miggies and they were cashing in. Behind them the sun was rising and by the time i got to the top of the dam the mist was lifting from the water – THIS IS WHY I TRI! I got out in 24 minutes flat but just admit the last 100m I felt the arms taking strain from being restricted in the wetsuit.


We had 2 support cars (Cindy & Marty) for the cycle because Mike, Brett & Matty were riding with me. Transition took 7 minutes and we were off again. Brett fell away within 1km because the silly bastard was on a mountain bike. Matty stopped about 10km later with a continuous flat tyre problem so I rode into the cradle with Mike. Solid 28km/h ride throughout.


Once we reached the Cradle of Humankind i put down the hammer for a 50km loop riding alone but with Marty occasionally shouting cricket scores for me for the Proteas thrashing at the hands of India. Finished my liquids and foods by the run transition after an 80km cycle. Rad.


I put a handful of peanuts and biltong in my running shorts pocket AND WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT, Brett had finished the 50km (no loop route) cycle on the MTB and was ready to run me into Tarlton. 5 minute transition and we were off.


IT WAS SO HOT!!! There were no clouds and even less breeze. It was proper. And to make it even sexier, the entire 10km run was an incline. Marty, the only support vehicle left, went and got us 750ml waters which literally made the run possible. I kept thinking “What an asshole, i wanted to start 30 minutes later when i left home this morning!”

I asked Brett to run me in at 6 minutes p/km but i held him back and we ended up running in a 6:30 p/km I reckon… and while we’re doing the math MIKEY comes cycling past with 2km left on his 85km ride. He rode of leaving us to finish the run to Chris’ house where food, and more importantly, a swimming pool did await.

IMG_0412 I came in at 04:46:25 for the 1.2km Swim, 80km cycle & 10km run. But the most important thing was that I had that moment in the water where i fell in love with this sport all over again. I hadn’t used strava or Nike+ (agreed, they are important tools) which was refreshing for a change, and lastly I had been surrounded by these fantastic people all day.



Before we star – Don’t miss the DIY Triathlon post tomorrow morning 😉

IMG_0388-0 When I was in primary school the already coolest kid in our standard rocked up for class with the new Offspring CD – I always thought it was unfair for cool kids to have even another advantage. Well, if suburbs were school kids, Parkhurst would be very cool. And believe me when I tell you it’s just rocked up with an Offspring album of its own! Meet Wrench, an edgy, efficient, friendly bicycle sales & maintenance store right smack bang in the middle of 4th Avenue.

IMG_0390-0 Mark McArdle is a personal trainer, endurance triathlete and filthy funny Scot who you can’t help but like. Plus he has a single speed Pinarello for sale in store. I mean fuck.

IMG_0389 Anyway, my tribars are installed, perfectly. So. Get your asses to Wrench. Because small business.


CT Jaunt!


I got a call on Monday that i’d be flying to Cape Town on Tuesday for a meeting and return Wednesday night. I packed my running gear and off I went! On the way to Lanseria I spotted a Standard Bank billboard highlighting their IronMan sponsorship. It’s a good campaign, and as a brand manager I’m hoping to unpack it for you a little in one of my upcoming posts.

Anyway, I landed in Slaapstad and drove to the hotel WHICH WAS SO FAR FROM CAPE TOWN ACTUALLY. I asked the folk i was meeting where i could run before our next (08:00am) meeting and the guy says, “go up that way, it’s a decent run”.


Turns out it was Chapman’s peak! If you get the chance, run that bad boy – what a beauty!

41 Days to go! DIY JHB Triathlon this weekend!

I’m not ready, i’m shedding weight I really can’t afford to lose, and this is what my writing is like when i’m panicky! What’s cool though, is that with 6 weeks to go I spend at least 30 minutes a day visualising race day, the emotions and the pain. And i’m still so excited.

Anyway, what is this pos about!? My friend Matty Gidlow had this great idea to arrange a DIY Triathlon for me in preparation for Ironman (I skipped half in Jan because triathlon is a rich mans sport – and not rich in love or family or blessings type sport – rich in cash dollar kinda sport.). Also, good time for me to try out the trip-bars Robin Kelly sourced for me through his FB friends – thanks bro.


This is what it looks like;

Start 06:00 on Sunday 22 February 2015

1.5km swim in Emmarentia dam

Cycle down Beyers turn left at R114 (Carnivore restaurant road)
Cycle down and then right at Riverstone lodge
Left at Kloofzicht Lodgeight
Right and passed lion park
Right passed Toadbury hall
Right back to and passed Kloofzicht.
Then cycle to Makiti wedding venue
70km cycle in total

Run 14km to 138 Rustenburg Road, Tarlton.
The finish line is over a swimming pool.

Matty G will be driving behind cyclists for the 30km haul to the cradle.
He will also manage the transitions areas.

Who is coming?