Interview: Jason Von Berg – 41 Days to Half ;)

Good Morning Champs 🙂

I caught up with Digital content producer/blogger/entertainment journo Jason Von Berg this week to chat about Triathlons. What a jol. If you have your own questions for the man get him at

When and how did you get into Triathlons?

I got into triathlons by default in 2011. My friends were all gunghoe and keen and so was I. They all dropped out at the 11thhour and I decided to push through. My first triathlon was on a mountain bike and it was challenging to the say least, but I loved the challenge and I love the different disciplines so now I’m in it for the long haul.

What gear do you prefer;

Running shoes – I’m a big Nike fan. I’ve tried other brands and while New Balance offered a good running shoe a few years back, I haven’t been able to find a pair just as good. Nike offers comfort and their Nike Plus app really works for me too, as far as motivation and fitness monitoring are concerned.

Bicycle – I’m still in the market for a new bike, but I’m looking at a Merida bike. Cycling isn’t my strongest discipline, so I’m taking a more conservative approach when it comes to purchasing a bike.

FUTURELIFE_PICTell us about the cause which you raise money for.

I’ve partnered with the NGO, Smile Foundation for a few events and they’re an incredible group of people. They provide children with facial abnormalities the opportunity to receive free corrective plastic and reconstructive surgeries. No matter who or where you are, whenever someone smiles at you, you are bound to smile back. If I can do my bit to give some of our youngSTARS the opportunity to smile, I’m all in.

strong>Which are you favourite events?

I really enjoy the 5150 Triathlon series. I’ve participated in both Bela Bela and African Champions and they’re challenging, but awesome. Hopefully come the 26th of January, I will be able to add 70.3 Half Iron Man to that list.

What is your next big event?

Do we really have to talk about this now? Like really at this stage? Okay then, 70.3 Half Iron Man in East London on the 25thof January. Eish!

What is your number 1 cheat tip;

Swimming – Vaseline on ankles… If anyone feels the need to pull your leg in the water, they’re going to have a tough time trying to grip on to you.

Cycling – Spend as much time on the bike as possible. It really helped me a lot.

Running – Run on the road. It’s a completely different experience to running on a treadmill, which is quite boring to be honest.

What do you eat the night before a race?

Chicken breasts and salad is my meal of choice.  Maybe throw in some caulimash, for the banters out there. Prof Tim, you dig?

Are you a fan of Gu?

Not particularly. I don’t go out of my way to consume this product before a race, but I did find a Gu helped out on the run section for one of my races in 2013. I was physically exhausted and it gave me a little booster to get to the end. So it served its purpose.

If you could train with 1 South African for a day, who would it be?

Can I choose a few because it’s Christmas? Well I’m going to anyway J

Famous, none athelete wise? Jeannie D. She’s fit and fab and loads of fun to be around.

Hlubi Mboya, my fellow #Ride4Smiles partner and all round wonderful soul. She’s a pocket rocket, and an amazing friend.

The healthy couple, Gugu Zulu and his wife Letshego. These two do enough training to ride for you if you feel tired – a good duo to have on your side.

From a sporting, I’m-going-to-win-this-ish perspective, I’d definitely go with former pro Triathlete, Raynard Tissink. I have family friends training with him currently and it’s amazing to see how they’ve transformed into triathlon machines.


Going on holiday? December Challenge 4/15!

Hello Homies!

I’m so behind on my December challenge but do not despair, I’m going to make it up LIKE A MANIAC 🙂

So if you’re going away this festive pack you’re gear! More specifically, if you’re going to Umhlanga get your ass down to the promenade. It’s around 2.5km long so from one end and back is 5km – I did it twice to make up a 10km.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.50.46 AM

I’ll be finding the best spots in Cape Town this week so keep your eyes peeled! But lastly, if you run the promenade on the North Coast take a cozzie – I ended up swimming in my jocks and getting dunked like crazy. So bad that when i got to my hotel room for a shower, a bunch of small pebbles fell on the floor when i got nekkid 🙂


Free Stuff! Action Ford Berge en Dale Classic 2015.

Good Morning you cheap bastards 🙂

If you enter the Action Ford Berge en Dale Classic 2015 today you’ll get a “free” High 5 Products valued at R250!


It looks more like R150 but don’t kick a gift horse in the saddle bag. More importantly you’ll get your argus seeding plus experience the best of the cradle by finishing this 102km ride on 31 January 2015.


I am also busy investigating the brand new offer from Discovery Health Vitality which allows members to make a once off payment (R800) and then receive half their race entry costs back for a races for the whole year! How rad would that be!? Have a banger of a weekend kids 😉


December Challenge 2/3 – Thanks Virgin Active.

What would social media be without a little moan 🙂

I went for a swim at Virgin Active in Constantia Office Park in Roodepoort yesterday. Walked in, changed into my speedo and then walked to the pool. Builders explained to me the pool was being renovated. I hate getting bad news in my speedo.

I was so bleak I didn’t even get changed, I walked to the front desk to ask a couple of questions;

IMG_1349Justin: “Why don’t you communicate the renovations to people?”
Front Desk: “We SMS’d club members.”
Justin: “I have a national membership. Also, my club’s roof collapsed so I been moving around more than usual. Why don’t national members get an SMS?”
Front Desk: “Sorry.”
Justin: “Why do you renovate the pool in December?”
Front Desk: *blank face*

I was tight on time because i had dinner plans so couldn’t go to another club, especially considering it was peak traffic. I went and got take away curry from Banjara at Town Square… In my speedo and my black button-up work shirt – lank empowering 🙂

Having said that i have to make up the day for my 31/31 December challenge, which I will. Other than that I haven’t mentioned any things i love about Triathlon training, so here goes;

1. Snot rockets 🙂
2. Breaking a sweat on the road at 5am before the city wakes up.
3. Gu!

Hi5 Friends 🙂

December Challenge: 2/2 #RoyalsHangout :)

So it’s 2/2 for the December Challenge 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 7.29.10 AM

The best thing, by the way, about the New Balance  is how light they are – Perfect for my skinny pins.

In other news, the wonderful folks at Mattel (Toy peeps responsible for He-Man, Barbie & Hot Wheels) sent me a card and a gift for my daughter Emily…

“Hi Justin

Training for Ironman & being an awesome dad to Emily must be hard work! Hope this makes little Emily smile.

From The Mattel team #RebelsHangout #RoyalsHangout”


I forsee an “I can’t even” moment in her near future 🙂 But the R50 Smooch voucher is dad’s!

December Challenge 1/1 – New Balance #RooftopRun

Guys, so this is how my December Challenge started 🙂

So New Balance DM’d me on Tweeter to ask if I’d like to come for a run with them on Monday 01 December – that was the extent of the information I had, that and the hashtag #RooftopRun. Obviously I agreed because I’m past curious now, and true to their word a driver collected me from work at 18:00 yesterday by a rad chap in a tie named “J” who is into BMX’ing.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 11.18.35 AM

J drives me into Joburg CBD via Braamfontein and now I’m like “I might be getting kidnapped right now!?” but then we arrived at Carlton Centre (Tallest building in Africa) where a fella named Nishen dressed all in New Balance kit brought me into a store where I was handed a new kit bag. Totally excited, I opened the bag which had a brand new pair of  which are only available from the 18th of December, as well as some kiff running short & a shirt.


So I kit up before being escorted to the elevator where we shoot up to the 50th floor. Quick jog up 8 flights of stairs and we’re on the roof! I spot a treadmill and ALL OF THE RAD THINGS ARE COMING TOGETHER!


20 minutes, 3.8km & the Joburg sunset. My favourite things. Yussus. The time just flew by and it wasn’t long before I was back on the elevator shooting down to catch my ride home with J.

Thanks to Shakira Connolly & Katherine Tromp for a radical activation and brilliant new running shoe.

Follow the campaign @NewBalance_SA on tweeter

December Challenge: Accepted

Guys, I don’t know about you but I’m feeling mighty motivated right now! It’s the first day of the best month of the year, the weather is good and there are 4 months between us and IronMan SA 🙂

I sat up this morning and had two clear thoughts on my mind… Well, 2 triathlon related thoughts at least;

  1. I want to train every day in December
  2. I want to consciously think about 1 thing about Tri that I love, every day.

Anyone want to join me on the first one there?

New Balance invited me to a secret training event in JHB CBD this evening, So I’m starting my December Challenge in style. Details tomorrow 😉