Day 56: Running Gear


One of my favourite movie scenes is from Forrest Gump. Forrest, being left by love-of-his-life Jenny (Jeh-Nay), puts on his Nike Cortez, a cap and starts running. He runs across the country, grows a beard and develops a cult following. Basically though, he was just getting some air and clearing his head.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.12.48 PM

 The massive allure of running for me was the idea of being able to put on a pair of running shoes and getting outside. No planning, no real gear and a basic sense of freedom. I especially enjoy running past people stuck in traffic. All of these feelings would come with the other disciplines but with running it was instant gratification.




  • Shoes
  • Shorts (Longs for winter training)
  • Shirt (Sleeves for winter training)
  • iPod pouch (For Strava & iTunes)
  • Running Socks

Even this week, being in CT it was so convenient to pack my running stuff. Tonight I’m going to run up Lion’s Head so hold your breathe on some great pics tomorrow 😉


Day 45: Cycling Gear.

B is for Broke Because Bicycle.

Guys. The Bicycle is affordable. Expensive but affordable. All the stuff that goes with cycling. Yussus. But don’t be deterred, It’s important that you understand you build up all of the equipment over time. Having said that, I’m breaking this up into 3 parts;

1. Kit

    – Cycling shoes (Cleating in is not a nice-to-have, it’s critical.)
    – Cycling socks
    – Cycling shorts (Trust me, that padding in all the right places will save your life)
    – Cycling shirt (The pouches at the back are unique to the sport. Do it.)


IMG_90452. Equipment

        – Helmet
        – Cycling Gloves (Regular as well as full finger for winter training)
        – Buff (Totally optional but I much prefer cycling with one)
        – Sunglasses (For both wind and glare)
        – Floor Pump
        – Bicycle Rack (Please don’t complicate your life by not owning a bike rack)
        – Bottle cage
        – Bottles
        – Saddle Bag
                a. Spare tube
                b. Bomb
                c. Bomb mechanism
                d. Tyre levers
                e. Bike repair tool

3. Bicycle

423824_10150578845287493_423350988_nLove your bike. I love my bike. Sometimes it sleeps in my bed with me.

Cycling certainly costs the most, but if you build up your set of cycling related kit, equipment and actual bicycle slowly, you’ll see it’s affordable. Don’t be overwhelmed. Also, Mr Price Sport has just launched their online website and it’s crammed full of affordable training kit and accessories to get you started.

Day 34: Swimming Gear.

Good Morning Sunshines!

By the way, I call my daughter sunshine. I liked calling her sunshine since she was the size of a Lima bean. I even went to find a name from Islamic culture which means Sunshine. So her second name is Saila. Emily Saila Jacobie. Coincidentally, Muslim people don’t have second names.

IMG_8172Ok. So Swimming Gear. Guys, there are a million things you can add to this list. I’m creating a list of stuff I use when training. If you’re looking to complete the Dischem Sun City 1500m Swim this would be a good place to start, it’s what is in my gym bag today for the pool;

IMG_8819[1]A. Towel & Water Bottle.
B. Pull Buoy, encourages faster development of upper body strength. They also help you focus your mind on arm motion and breathing.
C. Hand paddles, improves technique.
D. Swimming cap, Goggles & Speedo (essentials). And you’ll laugh at the speedo until you try training in baggies and realize you’re basically drowning after 12 lengths.
E. Dry bag, because obvious!
F. Slops, because athlete’s foot is real.

You’ll need a wetsuit for half & full IRONMAN, but cross that bridge when you get there.