Day 1: Road To Ironman SA 2015 #267Days

IMG_6435My Name is Justin Jacobie 🙂 Haaizit! I’m 30, I’m a dad, I work in marketing, I’m a Joburger (#WestRandForLife) & I love triathlons. I love being outside & so does my daughter Emily. She is only 18 months old but I am convinced she too is a triathlete – Zero evidence thus far apart from her desire to run everywhere rather than walk, swimming & bathing until she achieves full-body raisin-skin & finally, dive-riding her push bike in an endless loop through our lounge, dining room & entrance hall.


Having completed IronMan 70.3 in East London (SA) in January 2014 I decided that my triathlon-journey would have to progress to what the community refers to as “Full” which is hosted by Nelson Mandela Bay. By “Full” they mean a 3.8km open-water ocean swim, 180km cycle (road) and a 42.2km (Olympic distance) marathon. It’s exactly double the distance of each leg in the 70.3 East London version of the race. No easy feat. In fact, near impossible to imagine.

IMG_6700So we know what Road to IronMan SA 2015 is. What is #267Days?

I received an assessment on a broken nose from an Ear Nose & Throat specialist who, after a course of medication and nose sprays, suggested I have it fixed with a minor operation. The operation would have me hospitalized for 1 night but more importantly out of training for 6 weeks. Not being the most dedicated triathlete this would mean that my Full IronMan preparations would literally start from scratch, post op recovery, on 05 July 2014. Number of days between 05 July 2014 and Race day on 29 March 2015 is no less than 267 days. #267Days.

IMG_7992That training began this weekend. This blog will serve as an account of how a relatively unfit guy tries to prepare for Ironman SA 2015 with only #267Days to go.