Day 12: Race Calendar. Challenge Accepted.

My training style is to enter events I’m not ready for and then get ready. Having admitted that, I’m entering races according to my fitness graph to make sure I get ready 🙂 So far I’m doing these;

D2D Cycle Race 2014    07 September 2014
Dischem Sun City Swim     18 October 2014
Global 11 Triathlon      09 November 2014
94.7 Cycle Challenge    16 November 2014
IRONMAN 2015    29 March 2015

The D2D is a tough start to race season with the last 70km of the 104km route being predominantly uphill.

104KM-Route-ProfileThere is a big challenge on between myself & Chris Mckay at this year’s Dischem Sun City 1.5km swim as he beat me in 2013 after I had beaten him over the line in 2012. This one is the decider.

IMG_5791I must admit I am looking forward to Global 11 the most for 2014, i went in seriously undercooked last year and paid the price. This year I’m looking to finish in under 2 hours 50 and enjoy the valley of the waves after the race.

IMG_5924And lastly, for now, I missed a sub 4 at Cycle Challenge 2013 by around 10 minutes so there is a little pressure on me this year to get it… And from what the new route video Tanya Harford put together it seems a ton of hill training is in order.

IMG_6004I hereby challenge anyone, as well as the following prawns, to join me in any or all of these races;

Michael Pearce
Matthew Wentzel
Chris Davidson
Chris McKay
Tara McKay
Dani De Kock
Michael Harris
Robin Kelly
Colwyn Savings
Stuart Forsyth
Kirsty Sharman
Nem Stabic
Shane Rothman

See you there 😉



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