Day 11: Strava!

Guys, this App! It just has everything you want from a free App. It does have a premium version but thankfully there are no real features which are hidden to lure you in as so many of the others so obviously do.

Ok, so what does it do? Firstly, it covers both running and cycling. The downside to this is that the long history I have with the Nike+ running app (115 runs and a journey which saw my minutes per kilometer reduce from 06:20 p/km to 05:20 p/km before my surgery, over roughly 800km of training.

But the move to one consolidated app makes so much more sense, so Strava it is.

Secondly, It maps out your routes, records your time (obviously includes a pause function), measures how much climbing you do (elevation in metres), the distance, your estimated power, energy output and average and maximum speed. There is a “more” tab if you’d like to dig deeper.

StravaSocial App. It allows you to share you’re your training map on your social media platforms because it knows you want to. My only observation would be that you shouldn’t give away your home street address or be too routine as I think it could potentially be dangerous should that creepy dude at number 61 who facebooked you ever want to use you as a flesh gown in his attic.

itrubsthelotionIt also allows you to create a community by connecting with friends who use the App, as well as anyone you want to follow (twitter style “following them doesn’t mean they follow you” mechanic) as you create a little profile for yourself. Side Note – Remember to change your profile picture of you posing with Oscar P, when he is on the stand facing charges of murder. Ja that.

Ok, but those features do not differentiate it from a gazillion other apps on the market just like it! Yes. Agreed. Calm your tits.

What does differentiate it is that when, for example, I ride in the cradle, it measures my best times between segments. There are tons of milestones such as “Toadbury Hill To Peak” – a nasty little climb at the top of Beyers Naude – and the App compares how you did this session compared to previous sessions. I find that quite a good motivator, trying to outperform my previous run or ride. It also puts you on a leaderboard with every person who has ever ridden that segment. So you can see just how freakin slow you are 🙂

Strava2 Download it. Let’s follow each other.


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