Day 5: Road To Ironman SA 2015 #267Days

Part 2 of my 3 part plan.

  1. The diet. You gotta eat right kids 🙂

I am and always have been underweight. At the peak of my training for Half Ironman i weighed in around 68KGs. I’m currently 65KGs but aiming for the low 70s in the next 6 months. I do, at times, struggle with low blood sugar. Based on that I am prioritizing diet.

IMG_6711Now That’s an Ironman! Get it?! LOL

Second things second! An eating plan & supplements. The best IRONMAN I know is my big brother Robin Kelly. The guy is a champ and has 2 full Ironman medals to his name and is pretty much my sports hero. After my op he was rocked up at my house with 4 Woolies packets worth of ingredients for my balanced athlete diet. Breakfast, Lunch & Supper I eat wholesome, tasty, homey, 2 veg (or salad) with a starch and protein type meal. The BIG difference is that after breakfast I glug a Futurelife shake and after lunch I glug a super smoothie. The super smoothie usually consists of;

–          Rolled Oats

–          Omega Oils

–          Agave Syrup

–          Whey Protein

–          3 Veg (Spinach, Carrots etc)

–          2 fruits (Apples, Pears, loads of berries etc)

–          600ml water

Obviously the variations are limitless here.


I also drink a USN recovery shake within the first half hour after each training session. Robin is a fan of Glutamine and I have the powder but will only give that a shot at a later stage when my recovery shake runs out.

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