Day 27: Sundays are for riding :)

Good Morning Sunshines!

I’ll be riding the 60km loop in the cradle this Sunday. Come one come all. We’ll be leaving from Riverstone Lodge at 08:00 sharp. Wear longs (legs & sleeves), it’s still winter kids. Just in case you’re uncertain of whether it will be a good idea, here is a list of the stuff we saw last weekend;

White Tiger
Matty “the photobomber” Wentzel

lionscradle012586_nSo, three things to close.

1. It’s R10 to park at Riverstone but to be honest it’s where I like to start from.
2. Only 5 Weeks left before Dome 2 Dome, so get cracking.
3. Check out Claudia Hazelwood – Kona And Beyond

See you out there 😉

Day 25: Spinning #267Days

I want to start by letting you kids know that the best spinning class is happening at Virgin Active Brightwater, in Randburg. Instructor and soon to be Kona IRONMAN participant Claudia Hazelwood (@ClaudiHazelwood) runs a no-bullshit, pump those pedals workshop which will prep anyone for the new Cycle Challenge hill infested route. Also, her iPod playlist is ideal for some real power cadence routines. Leg rave.

Claudia Hazelwood


That being said let us move on to the questions I was asked regarding spin classes;

1. Why are there no numbers on the dials, how do I know what 5 or 6 or 10 is?

Straight answer is that each resistance level will differ for each rider. Claudia suggests that at level 10 you shouldn’t be able to pedal in the saddle and at level 5 you should feel as if you’re on a slight incline. Her spinning hack is to match the instructors cadence when they start, then you’ll have an indication of what resistance level you’re at.

Personally I match the instructor to start and then find quarter turns between 3 & 8 perfect. I use half turns for 9 & 10, but some more good advice from the pro is to just get in the class, try it out and go with gut feel – you’ll soon get into the right resistance patterns.

2. Is a spinning class as effective as an actual ride?

I forgot to ask Claudia this one but other trainers suggest the value of a spinning class is double to that of a ride. 45 minutes in the studio is worth 90 minutes on the road. Personally I’d always try get out on the road or on a path but you can’t deny the convenience of a spinning class.

Lesson here is to just get to the class. Ride your ass off. Repeat. Claudia was also entirely unconvinced when she heard about my race calendar so we’ll be updating that one, ladies and chaps. Peace.


Day 21: Razors, wax & scissors

So the top-knot is long gone. In other words, The hassle of wearing a buff under my helmet, pulling my hair out with a swimming cap & wearing an elastic to jog is over. I don’t look happy about it in the picture but I assure you I am 🙂 Thank you Guinevere at Wyatt Hair! This was a decision based on functionality.

hair3Shaved the pins too…


This was a decision based on

A. Because Cycling

B. Because Vain


Day 18: Find A Way (Warning: Graphic Images)

Thank you for the support! We’ve reached 100 likes on Facebook today!

IMG_7042You will have days where the “Maybe I skip today” bird tweets louder than usual. Trust me on this one, something awesome always happens during those training sessions which you’d miss out on if you skipped it. Like blisters…

Day18bI Kid 🙂

Now that the hard skin is growing back on my heels we can get back to FINDING A WAY! Explore options for training. Like don’t always cycle the same route or run the same streets. If you go away for the weekend make sure you experience the area as an athlete, I assure you that if there are hidden gems, this is where you will find them. For example I came across a family of Impala this weekend and we just checked each other out for a minute before getting back to our lives. Connect 🙂


Day 17: 100 Days Of Push-Ups

Mondays are for Motivation, bitches.

As a Triathlete you will undoubtedly find you have disciplines you prefer. I love running and cycling. I enjoy the open water swimming events but honestly struggle with the training for swimming. I use the following excuses to psych myself out of training;

IMG_77241. I’m skinny. Low body fat percentage = kak buoyancy.

2. My core is not as strong as I need it to be (slumping in the water)

3. Upper body is not as strong as I need it to be (less power in the stroke).

Firstly, I bought hand-paddles (Thanks Candice for my Bday Present) to help with in-water strength training. Secondly…

IMG_7034My friend Justine is motivated, motivated enough to shed 50kg in no-time (follow her blog JustineJoyIt) and also she is a Zimbabwean viking = awesome. She shared a young woman’s #100DaysOfPushUps campaign which I JUSTENJOYED. See what i did there? Watch This…

So week 1 looks like this…

Week 1

5 sets of 10 push ups with a minute between sets

5 sets of 12 push ups with a minute between sets

5 sets of 14 push ups with a minute between sets

Get the full program here & Show me your guns people 😉

Day 12: Race Calendar. Challenge Accepted.

My training style is to enter events I’m not ready for and then get ready. Having admitted that, I’m entering races according to my fitness graph to make sure I get ready 🙂 So far I’m doing these;

D2D Cycle Race 2014    07 September 2014
Dischem Sun City Swim     18 October 2014
Global 11 Triathlon      09 November 2014
94.7 Cycle Challenge    16 November 2014
IRONMAN 2015    29 March 2015

The D2D is a tough start to race season with the last 70km of the 104km route being predominantly uphill.

104KM-Route-ProfileThere is a big challenge on between myself & Chris Mckay at this year’s Dischem Sun City 1.5km swim as he beat me in 2013 after I had beaten him over the line in 2012. This one is the decider.

IMG_5791I must admit I am looking forward to Global 11 the most for 2014, i went in seriously undercooked last year and paid the price. This year I’m looking to finish in under 2 hours 50 and enjoy the valley of the waves after the race.

IMG_5924And lastly, for now, I missed a sub 4 at Cycle Challenge 2013 by around 10 minutes so there is a little pressure on me this year to get it… And from what the new route video Tanya Harford put together it seems a ton of hill training is in order.

IMG_6004I hereby challenge anyone, as well as the following prawns, to join me in any or all of these races;

Michael Pearce
Matthew Wentzel
Chris Davidson
Chris McKay
Tara McKay
Dani De Kock
Michael Harris
Robin Kelly
Colwyn Savings
Stuart Forsyth
Kirsty Sharman
Nem Stabic
Shane Rothman

See you there 😉



Day 11: Strava!

Guys, this App! It just has everything you want from a free App. It does have a premium version but thankfully there are no real features which are hidden to lure you in as so many of the others so obviously do.

Ok, so what does it do? Firstly, it covers both running and cycling. The downside to this is that the long history I have with the Nike+ running app (115 runs and a journey which saw my minutes per kilometer reduce from 06:20 p/km to 05:20 p/km before my surgery, over roughly 800km of training.

But the move to one consolidated app makes so much more sense, so Strava it is.

Secondly, It maps out your routes, records your time (obviously includes a pause function), measures how much climbing you do (elevation in metres), the distance, your estimated power, energy output and average and maximum speed. There is a “more” tab if you’d like to dig deeper.

StravaSocial App. It allows you to share you’re your training map on your social media platforms because it knows you want to. My only observation would be that you shouldn’t give away your home street address or be too routine as I think it could potentially be dangerous should that creepy dude at number 61 who facebooked you ever want to use you as a flesh gown in his attic.

itrubsthelotionIt also allows you to create a community by connecting with friends who use the App, as well as anyone you want to follow (twitter style “following them doesn’t mean they follow you” mechanic) as you create a little profile for yourself. Side Note – Remember to change your profile picture of you posing with Oscar P, when he is on the stand facing charges of murder. Ja that.

Ok, but those features do not differentiate it from a gazillion other apps on the market just like it! Yes. Agreed. Calm your tits.

What does differentiate it is that when, for example, I ride in the cradle, it measures my best times between segments. There are tons of milestones such as “Toadbury Hill To Peak” – a nasty little climb at the top of Beyers Naude – and the App compares how you did this session compared to previous sessions. I find that quite a good motivator, trying to outperform my previous run or ride. It also puts you on a leaderboard with every person who has ever ridden that segment. So you can see just how freakin slow you are 🙂

Strava2 Download it. Let’s follow each other.


Day 6: Cash Moneys. It’s not free folks :)

Cash Moneys. It’s not free folks 🙂

Think about a way to spread out the payments, it’s R1300 p/m for 9 months 😉

1.       Ironman Entry R 4715.00
(My race number is IM58256)
2.       Voluntary For The Kidz Donation R35.00
(Which I still have to make)
3.       Flights JHB – PE R 3150.00 (British Airways)
4.       Accommodation – R 3600.00
(3 nights at the Radisson Blu Hotel PE)

Race Entry, Accommodation & Flights total R 11500.00

Best you pay it off in installments, figure out a way to avoid paying it all in one go.


Day 5: Road To Ironman SA 2015 #267Days

Part 2 of my 3 part plan.

  1. The diet. You gotta eat right kids 🙂

I am and always have been underweight. At the peak of my training for Half Ironman i weighed in around 68KGs. I’m currently 65KGs but aiming for the low 70s in the next 6 months. I do, at times, struggle with low blood sugar. Based on that I am prioritizing diet.

IMG_6711Now That’s an Ironman! Get it?! LOL

Second things second! An eating plan & supplements. The best IRONMAN I know is my big brother Robin Kelly. The guy is a champ and has 2 full Ironman medals to his name and is pretty much my sports hero. After my op he was rocked up at my house with 4 Woolies packets worth of ingredients for my balanced athlete diet. Breakfast, Lunch & Supper I eat wholesome, tasty, homey, 2 veg (or salad) with a starch and protein type meal. The BIG difference is that after breakfast I glug a Futurelife shake and after lunch I glug a super smoothie. The super smoothie usually consists of;

–          Rolled Oats

–          Omega Oils

–          Agave Syrup

–          Whey Protein

–          3 Veg (Spinach, Carrots etc)

–          2 fruits (Apples, Pears, loads of berries etc)

–          600ml water

Obviously the variations are limitless here.


I also drink a USN recovery shake within the first half hour after each training session. Robin is a fan of Glutamine and I have the powder but will only give that a shot at a later stage when my recovery shake runs out.

Day 4: Road To Ironman SA 2015 #267Days

Let’s kick off today with part 1 of my 3 part plan.

  1. Training Schedule

cradleride4julycFirst Things First! I was out on the road, in the cradle on Saturday but only after I created a training program to prepare for the mammoth 267 day task ahead. On the big day I will be aiming for between 13 & 14 hours to complete the event. Failing to create a proper training program, I am told, will mean not being adequately prepared and in all likelihood failing to complete the race. My schedule is based on my work hours, whenever I have Emily according to my shared custody plan. I used an in depth day by day plan my brother gave me and the Basic 6 month training program provided on the IRONMAN Website Here is the July 2014 portion of my training plan…

Training Plan – 267 Days